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The Sump Pump Buyer Guide (What To Look Out For!)

This quick and easy sump pump buyer guide will provide you with all the information needed to make an educated decision when buying a new sump pump.

If you look for these items before making your purchase, you should save yourself quite a few problems down the road.

Buying a New Sump Pump: 5 Critical Factors

To make sure you don’t buy an expensive or frustrating lemon, our sump pump buyer guide offers these five tips. If all of these are considered, you will significantly increase the chance that your new sump pump is the right choice for your home.

1. Sump Pump Materials

This is by far the most important factor to consider. The material used in a new sump pump determines its longevity, cooling ability, and durability.

Here are the three material options you’ll be choosing between and our opinions of each:

  • Thermoplastic is the worst in nearly every way. Just don’t buy if it uses thermoplastic.
  • Cast iron is the most durable, but has a tendency to overheat and can rust out after about 10 years. We think it’s a decent choice, but it’s the second best material for your sump pump.
  • From a plumber’s perspective, baffled aluminum is by far the best. The baffles, or cooling fins, provide the pump with extra durability and increase its surface area and ability to cool. Unlike cast iron, aluminum will never rust.

It might be tempting to buy a cheap plastic pump. However, in the long run it’s usually cheaper to buy a quality product, especially when you factor in the cost of your time.

sump pump buyer guide - thermoplastic resin
Thermoplastic is our least-recommended material for sump pumps in our Sump Pump Buyer Guide. It doesn’t stand up to the other types of materials used by sump pumps, like cast iron or baffled aluminum.

2. Minimum Warranty

Look for 3-year warranties, no less. Most companies provide either a 1-year or 3-year warranty. However, we get worried by company’s that provide only 1-year warranties because a quality sump pump should last 10 or more years.

sump pump buyer guide - 3 year warranty
Make sure your purchase includes a three-year warranty — at minimum!

3. Horsepower

In almost every situation, a 1/3 horsepower sump pump should be more than enough. In fact, it is the most common horsepower. For larger needs, you can choose between a 1/2-, 3/4-, or 1-horsepower sump pump.

But the real key is to get the amount of horsepower that’s just right.

If you buy one that doesn’t have enough horsepower for your needs, then the flow of water will be too great to handle. But if the sump pump has too much horsepower for your needs, it will start and stop repeatedly (this is called short cycling).

The amount needed is based on factors such as the area of drainage connected to the sump pump and how deep the basement is. To make sure you get the right size, contact a plumber.

sump pump buyer guide - horses
How much horsepower should your sump pump have? It all depends on your needs and other factors a plumber can help you determine. But for most homes, a 1/3 horsepower sump pump is adequate.

4. Type of Sump Pump

If space allows, we recommend that you purchase a submersible sump pump. Why?

Unlike a pedestal-style sump pump, a submersible sump pump covers the sump pit with an airtight lid that (1) reduces noice and (2) keeps debris from entering into the pit.

Debris that gets in can sometimes cause expensive repairs or replacements. A submersible will put a stop to that. And the reduced noise, especially if you use your basement space for family or business activities, is a godsend. Another benefit is better control of the air in your home as less of it will get it through the pit.

sump pump buyer guide - submersible-pump diagram
This sumbersible sump pump diagram illustrates the main parts of the system. We recommend submersible pumps over pedal-style sump pumps.

5. A Quality Brand

This one is not as important as you might think. Why? In today’s market, there are tons of great brands out there.

As long as you buy a reputable brand from a reputable supplier, and you follow the other four tips, you really don’t have to worry about overpaying. They all fall in a relatively similar range of pricing, from about $150 to $400. The amount of horsepower and materials make the biggest difference in price.

Not sure if your sump pump is working? Click here for a quick troubleshooting guide.

sump pump buyer guide - brands of submersible sump pumps
There are many brands of sump pumps to choose from. These are just a few. Make sure you choose one with great reviews or one highly recommended by your plumber. A plumber will have a great understanding of which sump pump brands are most reliable.

Final Thoughts

A properly maintained sump pump can save you thousands and thousands of dollars in water damage to your foundation, basement, and home. The stakes are high, so choose one that meets the five criteria in this sump pump buyer guide.

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