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Emergency Plumbing Services – Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency plumbing services are repairs that a plumber has been called to perform immediately, at any hour of the day or night, even on holidays. It’s considered an emergency because of the water damage or other severe inconvenience the problem brings to the homeowner or business. If it’s not handled immediately, the problem will only grow worse and cost more.

We get tons of questions regarding which type of services are considered an emergency or not. So we’ve put together this question and answer emergency plumber services and repairs we offer and what is considered emergency plumbing. Hopefully, this clears the air.

What is a Plumbing Emergency?

Well, to put it bluntly, if it is an emergency to you, it is an emergency to us. It is really that simple. 

For example, whenever my sink or toilet clogs, I want it taken care of now. To me, that is an emergency, but most people would disagree. Most people would rather save a little bit of money and wait till the next business day. If the customer thinks it is a plumbing emergency, then it is a plumbing emergency.

What Are Your Emergency Plumbing Repair Services?

Drain Cleaning

Most plumbing emergencies are caused by clogged drains. Clogs block a drain, preventing waste from flowing through your plumbing system. When you use your plumbing and the waste has nowhere to go it becomes overloaded, this causes a backup. A backed-up drain can be nasty! Fortunately, as long as you do not use a clogged drain, it will not back up.

Whether it is a clogged mainline or a slow draining tub our drain specialists will clean any drain at any time.

Shut Off and Angle Stop Replacement

Being able to shut off your water is very important! A faulty shut-off can turn small plumbing issues into full-blown plumbing emergencies! If you noticed that a shut-off is faulty, you will have to decide if you want to risk it and wait till the next business day or get it fixed right now. It depends on your level of risk tolerance. Either way, 1-Tom-Plumber is here to help!

Burst Pipes and Pipe Leaks

A burst pipe or water leak is always considered an emergency due to the water damage it can do if not handled immediately.

When most people think of emergency plumbing, they think of a burst pipe or severe leak. This is as common as a clogged drain, but when it happens it requires immediate attention. Water damage from a burst pipe, or even a pipe leak, can be severe and extremely expensive.

First, shut off your water main. Then call 1-Tom-Plumber!

No Hot Water

Not having hot water stinks! Hot water is one of those things that you don’t miss until you have to take a cold shower. We are happy to walk you through resetting a breaker or relighting a water heater over the phone, free of charge. If there is a more serious issue, our emergency plumbers are equipped to make necessary repairs or replace the water heater.

Sump Pump Replacement

Sump pump being repaired during an emergency plumbing service call.
Sump pump being repaired during an emergency plumbing service call.

A sump pump is a lot like a water heater in the sense that you do not appreciate it until it is no longer working. Unfortunately, with a sump pump, the way many people figure out that it’s not working is when they realize that their basement is flooded with six inches of water.

Last Minute Repairs

Whether you are leaving for vacation, experiencing a surprise visit from the in-laws, or trying to quickly close on a house, our emergency plumbers are there for you when you need us.

Don’t Want to Wait

Above is a list of the most common services that are completed after hours. However, there are hundreds of services available. If you need any emergency plumbing repairs, please give us a call.

What Services are Not Considered an Emergency?

Every plumber is different, but these are the two services we do not consider an emergency. Pretty much everything else is fair game, especially if it might cause further water damage or a serious inconvenience.

Remodels and Re-Pipes

To keep our plumbers available for plumbing emergencies, we do not offer any remodels or re-pipes after hours. In fact, depending on our availability, we may not offer remodels or re-pipes at all because we are focused on being an emergency plumbing service.

Call 1-Tom-Plumber

1-Tom-Plumber’s team of plumbers are available day and night to quickly assist with any of your emergency plumbing needs. Almost all of the emergency plumbing services offered from 9-5 are also offered 24/7/365. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to give us a call at 866-758-6237.

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