When you see water damage, it's critical that you call your plumber immediately.

Water damage to your home or commercial property can be devastating. But these large-loss damages from water and sewage happen all the time. And they are nearly always caused by a plumbing issue. You need to act fast. 

Contact your plumber immediately if you are flooded; smell sewage; or see tell-tale signs like water spots, mold, rusty metals, rotting wood; or swollen building materials. A 1-Tom-Plumber technician will quickly identify and fix the problem. And your space and materials will be restored to better than before the damage occurred. 





Sump Pumps & Flooded Basements

Stairs leading to flooded basementBasement flooding from a sump pump failure can cause tremendous damage to your property and possessions. And they often go unnoticed until the basement has been flooded. 

The problem can occur in many ways, some of which include:

  • incorrectly installed sump pump or drain
  • improperly sized sump pump for your needs
    loss of power with no battery backup
  • clogged or collapsed drain tiles
  • clogging or jammed switches
  • frozen discharge lines

Our plumbers will arrive and identify the problem quickly. We have the capability to not only repair or replace your sump pump, but we also handle dry-out and restoration of your basement. 

You’ll gain confidence in a sump pump that won’t fail or be overwhelmed because it has been properly repaired or replaced correctly.

Most important, you’ll enjoy a basement that is left in better condition than how you had it.

For more information, read: “How to Tell if Your Sump Pump is Working.

Clogged Drains & Backups

Closeup shot of man digging tree roots out of an old ceramic sewer pipe in a hole in the ground, pointing at the area where tree roots have invaded the joint in the pipe.A mainline is the sewer line (or main sewage pipe) between your house and the street. All sewage/waste from your home gets eliminated through this line. 

For example, after waste is placed into a toilet, it is flushed. The waste is then pushed through the mainline into the public sewer system. Some examples of what clogs a mainline include.

  • Toilet paper, baby wipes, napkins
  • Broken or collapsed sewer lines
  • Tree roots

Typically, a backup will occur at the line’s lowest point, such as a basement floor drain or basement bathroom. These out-of-sight fixtures are why most backups aren’t usually noticed until it’s too late. By the time you do see the problem, it’s because the basement has already begun flooding. And a potentially lasting problem, the real threat of mold and disease, extends to your property and possessions. These need to be remediated.

The immediate attention of a plumber is required to stop the damage as quickly as possible. In a drain backup situation, everything affected by the sewage (walls, furniture, etc.) will need to be removed and sanitized, and materials replaced.

For more information, read: “3 Common Causes of Drain Backups.”

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Burst Pipes & Water Pipe Leaks

Old rusty pipe with leak and water spraying out from water hammer damageThe water damage caused by a burst pipe can be enormous and costly. You’ll need a plumber to stop the damage in its tracks so repair, replacement, and restoration can begin.

To prevent pipes from bursting in the future, it’s good to know some of the most common reasons for why it happens:

  • Frozen water pipes
  • Tree roots in water pipes
  • Corrosion in older water pipes
  • Water pipe bursts from shifting ground
  • Water pressure is too high
  • Clogged water pipes
  • Broken water pipe seals
  • Damaged water pipe joints
  • Incorrectly layed water pipes

Our immediate-reponse team will arrive on the scene, identify the issue, and prevent further damage from your burst water pipe. 

We know how to fix the damage caused by a burst or leaking pipe, including restoration of your property. We pride ourselves on the property being made better than it was before.

For more information, read: “How to Make Your Pipes Last Longer.”

Overflowing Toilets

Toilet overflowingThere are two things you never want to have happen to your toilets at the same time. 

You don’t want (1) a clogged toilet drain that is (2) continuously running. It’s a recipe for disaster. If left unchecked, it will lead to expensive water and flood damages.

The good news is that you can relatively easily fix a running toilet. Often, a clogged drain can also be fixed easily.

If you’re unsure, or an overflowing toilet has already occurred, the best advice is to call your plumber immediately. 

The combination of both issues has the potential of severely damaging your home or business and costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in restoration. 

Rest assured, we know how to handle that too.

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