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Have A Noisy Sump Pump? (5 Noises to Listen For)

A noisy sump pump can mean many things, depending on how it sounds. Sump pumps are located in your basement or crawlspace to help prevent flooding. Like all appliances, something will eventually go wrong. It can be dangerous to you and your home for your sump pump to not be working correctly. One of the first signs of a sump pump not working correctly is the noise it’s making.

Sump Pump in Basement. Noisy sump pump
Sump Pump in Basement

Sump Pump Noises

A noisy sump pump can raise some concerns, so let’s look at what those noises mean!

Grinding Noise

If your sump pump is making a grinding noise, you need to call your local plumber to diagnose the problem. A faulty impeller will usually make a grinding noise. An impeller in your sump pump is responsible for suctioning the water that makes its way into your basement. This is essential for the sump pump to do its job. The impeller may just be jammed, but there is still a possibility that it may need to be replaced. Call your local plumber to diagnose the issue and fix the problem so you won’t have to worry about your noisy sump pump anymore.

Sump Pump Impeller. noisy sump pump
Sump Pump Impeller

Clanging Noise

Heavy vibrations will cause a clanging noise. A clanging noise can occur as a result of your sump pump being in the improper position. Most of the time this won’t cause any issues with how your sump pump functions, but you don’t want the clanging sound to cover any other sounds that could help diagnose another issue. It could have been installed incorrectly and needs to be repositioned, but there are other things you can do to dampen the noise. You can wrap the pipe with insulation to prevent vibration. If this doesn’t help, try adding rubber underneath the lid to prevent clanging. 

Banging Noise

A noisy banging sound coming from your sump pump could lead to your discharge pipe. The discharge pipe is what allows the water to flow from the pipe and out of your home. If you are having this problem, you most likely just need to secure the pipe. You can use wires to secure the pipe into place, or you can add an extra bracket to the area of the pipe that needs secured. If this doesn’t solve the issue, you will need to call a plumber to help. The brackets securing the pipe should attach properly and preferably to floor joists. If they weren’t attached good enough when installed, they will need to be reattached or replaced. 

Sump Pump Discharge Pipe
Sump Pump Discharge Pipe

Humming Noise

A noisy humming sound coming from your sump pump can be completely normal. If you notice it being louder than usual, there might be something wrong. The first thing you need to do is check the vent hole for any clogs. If cleaning this out doesn’t fix the issue, your check valve may be stuck. If this isn’t the issue, there may be a problem with the impeller. It’s possible that the impeller needs to be cleaned, or that one of the blades inside it is damaged. To diagnose this issue, call your plumber to find the problem, and fix it.

Gurgling Noise

A gurgling noise coming from your sump pump doesn’t usually mean something is wrong. If you notice this sound, try replacing the check valve with a silent model. The check valve works with the discharge pipe to prevent the pump from having to re-pump discharged water. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to adjust the pump’s automatic turn off level. If both of these things don’t fix the problem, call a professional to diagnose your noisy sump pump.

Check Valve
Check Valve

Sump Pump Failure Damages

Sump pumps are essential in preventing standing water and water damage from floods. Cleaning up after a flood can be very time consuming and very costly. Not only do you have to worry about cleaning up the water, but you also have to deal with the possibility of water damage. It will save you so much time and money to fix your sump pump and avoid all these potential issues. 

Final Thoughts

If you have a noisy sump pump, use this guide to help diagnose the issue. Sump pumps are very important when it comes to flooding, so make sure you get it fixed as soon as possible in case of a disaster. If you are having issues with your sump pump and don’t know what to do next, call your local plumber to find the problem and fix it for good!

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