Irrigation System Tips for Gardeners

It’s that time of year to get your garden up and running! As the summer gets hotter and hotter it is important to have an irrigation system to keep your plants beautiful. An irrigation system can take all the fuss and worry out of watering your garden. 

Sprinkler Heads


If you already have sprinklers, and you are just replacing them make sure you know where they are before you start to dig. You could damage some of them or end up with a lot of holes you don’t need in your garden. 


It is also important to keep note if the location of your sprinkler heads are in a good location. Do they get the plants that need them? Is it flooding plants that need more of a gentle watering? 

Septic Tank

septic tank

If you are on a septic tank it is important that you don’t plant near it, and especially not produce. Root crops may get in the drain line. Septic lines can get damaged by digging or tilling up the soil. If your system isn’t functioning properly then bacteria may be able to get into the line. 



Make sure to check your city or state’s local ordinances before you start this process. There may be laws and regulations about where you can install them, how much you can have and more. It’s important to check beforehand so you don’t waste time and money on having to redo it all. 

When deciding on your new irrigation system, take water conservation into account especially if you live in a place where water isn’t as available. Things you can do in your garden to reduce the amount of sprinklers needed or conserve water are watering deeper instead of small frequent waterings, add mulch where you can, use a drip emitter to water directly to the plants roots. 

Water Conservation

water conservation

Also try to install an irrigation system where you can control the amount of water and where it goes. As you know, some plants just don’t need as much water as others. 

Underground Irrigation

underground irrigation

Underground irrigation systems are a lot more efficient if you just have a small number of plants or a small garden. Unlike with sprinklers there is hardly any water run off which means less waste. 

underground irrigation

It is best to get your underground irrigation system done by a professional. There are a lot of moving parts to it, and trench building can be a lot of work. 

Drip Line Emitter

dripline emitter

A drip line emitter is one of the best irrigation systems you can put in your yard. It gets the plants the right amount of water and in the right place. It also prevents too much pressure coming out which can be harmful to certain plants like flowers. 

drip line

A drip line emitter goes directly into the soil, which means directly towards the root of the plant instead of the leaves. It also lets you control the amount of water that goes through the system, further allowing you to give the proper amount of water to your plants. 

Inspect Irrigation

It is always important to make sure that you regularly inspect your irrigation system for any issues. Dirt, rocks and other small things can make their way to the valves or nozzles which will block the flow of the water. 


There are generally batteries in the irrigation system that will need to be replaced every few months or so. 

With season changes its important to check a few different things. The first thing is to make sure the timers are accurate for the time of year. After winter, make sure any freezing didn’t damage the system. Run a quick cycle to ensure they are all working properly.

Final Thoughts

Since gardening season is already rolling, it is important to make sure your plants are getting enough water. Drip line emitters are very efficient at getting your plant watered appropriately. There are many benefits to updating your irrigation system if it isn’t running properly, like not over or under watering plants, conserving water and more. 

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