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3 Signs Of Water Damage Under Tile You Need To Look Out For!

When it comes to flooring that can withstand moisture, tile is one of the better options. Too much moisture can be a problem even for this sort of flooring. 

Make sure you’re taking care of your tiles so you don’t have to deal with tile repair. This is often due to water damage. You should be able to prevent major repairs if you take action. Remain on top of any problems that may arise and learn these signs of water damage under tile.

Signs of Water-Damage Under Tile

Any water damage under the tile may be hard to identify. Here are three big clues to identifying water damaged tile in your home:

  1. Loose Tiles: You may have water damage under your tile floor if you notice that the tile is no longer sticking to the floor or wall. Water will often cause your tiles to become unstable or loose. 
  2. Hollow Sound: Water-damaged tiles may make a hollow sound if there’s a leak. Try tapping your tiles with a coin or other object if you suspect a leak.
  3. Staining: If you see any type of staining or discoloration on your tiles, it may be a sign of a leak. If you are able to rule out any other possible reasons for the staining such as regular wear and tear, you could have water-damaged tiles. 
signs of water damage under tile - loose tiles
One of the classic signs of water damage under tile is when your tiles become loose. Place your hand on a suspected tile. Place some pressure on it and move your hand to see if the tile also moves.

How to Prevent Tile Damage

As long as you don’t have an unforeseen accident, proper tile care is usually all it takes to avoid water damage to your tiles. Clean up any spills or leaks that occur on top of your tile flooring immediately.

Even though tile flooring is effective at preventing water from leaking through, water will seep down into the tiles over time, causing serious damage. That should not be an issue for you if you are vigilant about cleaning up spills before they have a chance to linger for too long.

Every few years, you should seal the grout lines between your tiles to safeguard your tile flooring even more. This ensures that the tiles are effectively water-resistant and that water cannot merely soak into the weak tile grout areas.

signs of water damage under tile - loose tiles
Shower tiles often have water damage and need to be replaced. To prevent this, seal your grout lines (in between the tiles) to prevent moisture from getting behind the wall and causing water damage.

How to Repair Water Damaged Tile

When your floor suffers water damage, things may appear to be fine at first, but the longer you ignore the damage the worse it will become.

  • To repair tile with water damage, remove one or two tiles from the area that has moisture. This will allow you to inspect the sub-flooring to see if it has a significant amount of moisture.
  • You can fix most minor water damage with a good washing of the tile and grout. But this only works if there was no harm done to the sub-flooring.
  • If the sub-flooring has damage from water, you must remove the floor. You will need to remove the tile in order to thoroughly dry the sub-flooring beneath it and avoid future mold or mildew growth.
  • If you suspect a leak is still in progress, contact an emergency plumber to find the source and stop the leak. They can also put you in contact with a restoration professional who is qualified to handle the specific kind of damage to your property.
  • The water restoration professional will can scan the floor and identify if the subflooring has damage without removing any of the flooring.
signs of water damage under tile - replace floor tiles
If you don’t respond immediately to signs of water damage under tile, you might be faced with a much more expensive replacement. If you suspect that tile has been water damaged, lift up a tile and inspect the subflooring underneath. Look to see if it is wet or has been weakened.

Final Thoughts

Most floor and wall tiles are designed to be resistant to water and water damage. But moisture under your tile can cause significant damage to your tile floors or walls.

So, take a close look every now and then to see if you have any of the 3 key signs of water damage under your tile.

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