Flat VS Beveled Faucet Washer

If your faucet is leaking, a likely culprit is your faucet washer. There are many different materials used in washers, like metals and rubber. For a faucet they are rubber and that rubber can wear out and cause leaking. They generally need to be replaced about every two years. This can easily be a DIY project, but you need to know the difference between a flat and beveled faucet washer.

Flat Washers

metal flat washers

There are two types of shapes your faucet washer can come in. The first is flat washers, these just look like a rubber flat ring. They are more likely found in faucets that are less than ten years old. The washers help create contact between two surfaces to eliminate leaking. Flat washers are easily found at any hardware store. Which may entice you to only use the flat washer. However, the flat washer may not always be the best choice. Even if a flat washer was in there before.

Why Wouldn’t You Use a Flat Washer?

different sizes of faucet washers

In faucets more than 10 years old, the likelihood that you have a beveled washer or will need one is higher. A beveled washer is good for faucets where the seat is either worn or damaged.

Beveled Washers

beveled faucet washers

A washer that has one flat side and one rounded side is called a beveled washer. These look like a cone. As mentioned above, they are what you will need if you have an older or worn faucet seat. This is because the rounded side can help level out worn parts, and creates a better seal.

Unlike flat washers, these may be harder to find. They may require going to a couple of different stores to find the one you may need.

Flat or Cone Side Up?

beveled faucet washers

With a flat washer, it doesn’t matter which side is up since both are the same. Beveled washers need to have the rounded side going towards the bolt. This creates a water-tight seal. It also prevents the bolt from moving around causing a loose faucet.

Is Beveled Better Than Flat?

faucet washers

While beveled may make a better seal in older or damaged faucets, there is not one that is better than the other. They both do a great job of helping with leaking faucets. You just need one for newer faucets and the other for the older faucets.

Final Thoughts

A leaky faucet can be an easy fix, with the simple change of a faucet washer. If you are unsure of which option you may need or if the leak is coming from another issue you may want to go ahead and give a plumber a call.

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