8 Easy Bathroom Organization Hacks

I know I’m not the only one who stumbles around half-asleep in the morning. We all want to start our days off on the right foot, so there’s nothing worse than accidentally grabbing your lotion instead of your toothpaste when you’re in a rush. One thing I’ve done to drastically change my morning routine, is keeping my bathroom clean and organized. Having an organized bathroom speeds up my morning and makes for a relaxing end of the day. Read on for quick and easy bathroom organization hacks because who doesn’t want their own personal spa-like atmosphere in their own home??

TIP:  Declutter first! Before you move on to actually organizing your things, prioritize what you really need to hold on to and what you can pitch. Think like Marie Kondo and ask yourself if that old bottle of face wash still “brings you joy”.

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1. No Closet? No Problem!

If your bathroom lacks closet storage, make use of a boring, empty wall or behind-the-door storage to utilize your space. Above the toilet shelving units also allow you to use up empty space.

2. Command Hook It Up

Hang small items, such as jewelry, hand towels, loofahs, or brushes, using Command Hooks. This will free up your counter space and give your bathroom an overall clutter-free look.

3. Under the Sink Storage

The space under your sink can easily turn into a hot mess without proper organization. A trip to your local thrift shop or dollar store can provide you with small bins and boxes or even a Lazy Susan to make sure everything has a place. We suggest organizing in groups such as “Hair”,”Dental”, “Face”, “Shave”, etc.

Don’t forget behind cabinet doors, either! This is the perfect place to hang up a holder for hair dryers or curling irons.

4. Mason Jars

Not only will using mason jars help you store small stuff like Q-tips and cotton balls, they double as decor! DIY a mason jar wall organizer, or simply put them on display near the sink for easy access.

5. Over-the-Shower Caddy

Yes, we are making use of all the space in your water closet. Amazon is a great place to find inexpensive shower caddies. Clearing off the space around your tub and keeping all your toiletries together allows for easier clean-up and quick grab-and-go for all your frequently used items.

6. Drawer Dividers

You know “The Drawer”. The one where everything that doesn’t have a place gets thrown into. Stop letting this happen in your own bathroom by simply adding in acrylic drawer dividers. You’ll never wonder where all your bobby pins went again!

7. Add a Laundry Bag in

This may seem obvious, but adding a decorative laundry bin will save you time when cleaning and keep your bathroom floors clear of clutter.

8. Open Shelving

Flip baskets on their sides or hang floating shelves to store rolled towels and extra toilet paper.

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