Replacing A Toilet Seat: A DIY Project For Anyone in 4 Steps!

If your toilet is looking old and tired, consider upgrading it by learning how to replace the toilet seat. It’s the perfect beginner-level project that anyone can do in minutes! And replacement seats cost as little as $15-$20.

4 Steps: How to Replace Toilet Seat

Just follow these simple steps and that old toilet will look nearly new again.

1. Purchase New Toilet Seat

Go to your local hardware store or plumbing supply house and choose a toilet seat. Keep in mind that the majority of toilets take the same size seat so, unless yours seems unusual, there’s probably no need to measure it. In addition, also be aware of whether you need an oval (elongated) or round toilet seat.

Purchase New Toilet Seat

PRO TIP: If you want a toilet seat that will really make your toilet shine, consider spending a bit more on the higher quality and multiple styles of toilet seats found in a plumbing supply house. These stores supply plumbers with their parts and are higher quality with longer warranties. And you can find (or order) just about any style you can imagine.

2. Remove the Toilet Seat Bolts

Hold the seat bold nut under the toilet rim with an adjustable wrench. Now use a screwdriver to turn the seat bolts counterclockwise to remove them.

By the way, the bolts may be under plastic caps, where they hide. If so, just pry up the bolt caps with a flathead screwdriver. More so, you may be able to do this with your hands.

Remove the Toilet Seat Bolts
You can use a flathead screwdriver to remove the bolt caps. You may be able to try to do with this your hands as well, but this type of screwdriver will get the job done.

3. Remove the Old Seat

So far so good. This next step is the easiest of all. Just remove the old seat now that the bolts have been removed.

Clean thoroughly around the mounting holes using a scrub pad. Do this before moving onto the next step.

4. Replace & Fasten the New Toilet Seat

Position the new seat on top of the toilet bowl. Place the new seat bolts in the mounting holes, alight the seat, and attach the nuts.

Using a screwdriver on the top, and the adjustable wrench on the bottom, tighten the seat bolts firmly. Now snap closed the bolt caps!

Final Thoughts: How to Replace Toilet Seat

In conclusion, a toiler seat replacement is an easy DIY project for anyone. You can usually refresh a porcelain toilet bowl and tank by cleaning it with a porcelain cleaner. But a chipped or stained seat should be replaced if you want a clean or better-looking toilet for you and your guests.

By following the above four steps, you can be done in about 10 minutes. And no longer will you need to be embarrassed when someone uses your bathroom toilet.

How to Replace Toilet Seat

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