What’s a Smart Toilet?

By: Connor Sacco

Many people in America have never heard of smart toilets. However, in Japan, it’s a different story where in the early 1980s, electric bidets and smart toilets were introduced and became very popular. Despite their success in Japan and some other regions of the world, smart toilets never became as popular in the U.S.

What Are Smart Toilets?

Smart toilets today have many different amenities including: heated toilet seat, electronic bidets, deodorizer, air dryer and less water consumption on average. All of these features are either controlled using buttons connected to the toilet or through a wireless remote. Yes, you heard that right, a remote! Since their invention, they’ve undergone many innovations with many new additional features. 

Popularity of Smart Toilets in Japan

Since their invention in the early 1980s, smart toilets have been very popular in Japan. A recent study showed that smart toilets can be found in about 81% of Japanese households. These toilets aren’t only found in homes, smart toilets can be found in just about any public restroom throughout Japan. Although they’ve shown to be very popular there, it’s not the same story in other countries.

Why Aren’t There Any in America?

Many of the companies that sell these smart toilets in Japan have been less successful in the U.S. Companies such as Toto, a manufacturer of smart toilets, have struggled selling in the American market. There is little demand for smart toilets in the American market due to skepticism and inability to change ingrained habits. It seems some people really don’t want to change the way they go to the bathroom! However, even though the demand is low, they are still available and can be purchased throughout the U.S online and in some retail stores.

Are Smart Toilets Worth It?

Smart toilets have increased in popularity in recent years and their share of the toilet market share in Japan shows that there’s a potential for them to gain popularity in the United States. Smart toilets have been shown be hygienically superior to the standard Western toilet style. Most bidets gently aerate the water with oxygen which delivers a gentler, more effective wash that is more than adequate to cleanse after using the bathroom. Regular use of an in-house bidet provides a hygienic clean for all your private parts. But all hygiene and health benefits aside, smart toilets definitely make for a much more interesting trip to the bathroom!

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