What is Greywater and How to Use It 

Water that has been used already is called greywater. People flush this water down bathroom sinks or use it in washing machines. In recent years, more people have been adopting greywater systems as they strive to be more eco-friendly. It is also used for watering lawns.

How Greywater Systems Work

greywater system illustration

Greywater systems has a filtration unit that captures any greywater and filters it. There are typically four different types of filters, each one traps different sizes of debris. Some systems do leave behind a little bit of soap because it does promote growth in plants. Then, it is piped to your yard through drip irrigation hoses. Then it goes to water your plants and your yard. 

Greywater in Your Lawn

People mainly use greywater for their yard and the ornamental plants surrounding it. However, it should not find its way onto any type of vegetables or fruits. Despite undergoing some level of filtration, it might still contain harmful bacteria or chemicals that are not safe for consumption. with that, o is not potable for any pet or human. 

greywater sign

Eco-Friendly Savings

Instead of paying more for water to your lawn, using the greywater you already make can save you on your utility bills. You may even be able to save up to 40,000 gallons of water on a yearly basis. 

diy graywater

Final Thoughts

Installing a greywater system is a fantastic eco-friendly method to achieve a lush lawn. You can water your lawn anytime you want without having to worry about water wasting, or higher bills. Having it installed is quite easy, and in some cases, cities might even assist in covering the installation costs.

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