Free Plumbing Estimates

When calling a plumber to come out and give an estimate, you may want to know who will give us a free estimate. There are plumbing companies who never charge for estimates and some who do. Why is this At the end of the day, there are costs involved with providing an estimate, and someone is paying for it.

Why do some companies give free plumbing estimates and others do not?

There are a couple of factors that may go into a company offering free estimates.  A lot of companies pay their plumbers commission.  They are paid based on the jobs they sell and how much they sell them for.  A commissioned plumber is incentivized to sell you the highest job to make the most money and they only get paid for what they sell.  The company is not paying that plumber for his time so the company loses no money to provide that estimate, but you may be paying a premium for your service!

Other companies may advertise coming out for a free plumbing estimate but in order to provide you that estimate, you are given a bill for a trip charge or fuel usage. On the other hand, some commission companies require the plumber to buy and service their own truck. Therefore, the company is not paying for the estimate: the employee is.

On the other side, there are plumbing companies that pay their employees hourly or salary. Unlike the commission shops, these companies are thinking about things like labor, gas mileage, vehicles, and administrative costs. Some companies have a minimal charge for the estimate but if you decide to do the work, the amount is deducted from the final bill. Some companies provide free plumbing estimates for certain projects but not for others.

Over The Phone

There are a few instances when it is easy to quote over the phone.  If you are looking to have a drain cleaned or need a new hose bibb installed, those are pretty standard jobs to quote an estimate.  However, many times people call with an unknown leak, a bad smell, or a weird noise. Those are jobs that will need an investigation to diagnose the issue. It is very hard to give free estimates for jobs when you don’t know exactly what the issue is. 

Unfortunately, plumbing solutions are not always clear-cut. Most of your plumbing is hidden behind walls, in ceilings or underground. That makes it hard to offer a price for any given service. Every home is unique and every problem is different. There are also a lot of different brands or models that may need to be looked at to decide a course of action and that is not always known upfront. A customer may think they know what the problem is and a free plumbing estimate is provided over the phone, but when the technician arrives and assesses the problem, they find something completely different.

In some cases, it can be nearly impossible to give an accurate free estimate without investigating the situation. It never hurts to call your plumber and check!

Choosing a Plumber

When choosing a qualified plumber, it is important to consider the quality of their work, reviews, and experience. A free plumbing estimate may become very costly if you hire the wrong plumber! You should think of things like:

  • Is the plumber licensed and insured?
  • Does the plumbing company have a good reputation?
  • Is this a one man shop or a company of multiple technicians stocked with materials and equipment to handle your needs?
  • Is the rate hourly or project-based?

These questions will help you decide if you are considering a reputable and dependable plumber.  When it comes to working on the water source of your home, it’s important to have everything working properly.

At 1-Tom-Plumber, we pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, and 100% customer satisfaction. We want to satisfy our customers and take care of our employees. Our 5 star rating says it all! If you are in need of a plumbing estimate, please contact us at 1-Tom-Plumber (1-866-758-6237).

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