Best Plumbing Trade Shows 2021

Plumbing trade shows are the best way to keep up to date on the latest industry trends, technologies, and service offerings.

Whether you own or work for a plumbing company, having top of the line tools, technology, knowledge, and networking can boost productivity and substantially increase customer satisfaction.

What better place to learn all of this than at a trade show for plumbing.

Having said that, 2021 will be a bit different than years past. With the current COVID-19 pandemic in full gear, there is the possibility that some, maybe many, trade shows for the plumbing market will be pushed back to 2020 or even canceled.

But we’re an optimistic bunch. So while there will no doubt be fewer trade shows in 2021, there are still great shows moving full speed ahead. And we’re listing them below.

Note: we’ll continue to update this article whenever new plumbing trade shows are announced or we hear of any changes below.

The WWETT Show

Where: Indianapolis, Indiana

When: May 4 – 8

What: The WWETT show (The Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show) is my favorite trade show for plumbing. The 600+ vendors display everything from handheld tools to large industrial trucks for municipalities. Not to mention, this is the best place to find deals on plumbing-related equipment.


Where: Virtual

When: March 3 – 5

What: The PHCC (Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association) hosts smaller plumbing trade shows all over the nation, with an emphasis on legislative advocacy, education and training for plumbers and HVAC/R technicians. But this year, with one exception (see below), they are hosting a virtual trade show. Although I’d prefer to see everything first-hand, this does make it easier for people to attend who might not otherwise be able to.

2021 ACCO / PHCC Ohio Convention

Where: Independence, Ohio

When: Sept. 31 – Oct. 1

What: As of now, this is PHCC’s only local plumbing convention. These conventions are smaller, making them a great networking opportunity. They are tailored to both plumbers and HVAC/R technicians. Even if you’re only interested in plumbing, this event is a must-go.

Housecall Pro – Plumbing Online Meetup

Where: Virtual

When: May 14

What: This one is short and sweet. Housecall Pro is using a virtual meeting format to share tips on how to grow your plumbing business and get them networked. Keep in mind, they are the maker of software that helps you manage your home-related service business. So as long as you are okay with sitting through a 15 minute sales pitch, it will be well worth your time.

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