Water Leaks in Refrigerators (Why Does This Happen?)

Most homeowners take it for granted that their refrigerator works well. We expect it to keep things at the optimum temperature and running smoothly. It can be aggravating to notice a puddle beneath the refrigerator from an unknown source. Here are the most prevalent causes of water leaks in refrigerators and what you can do to fix them.

Water Line Leak

Water-line refrigerators are quite widespread. It’s convenient to be able to have a cool glass of ice water whenever you want. If your refrigerator begins to leak near the back, a loose or damaged water line could be to blame. You may also notice a decrease in ice production or problems with water flow.

Check for leaks in the water line and the connecting valve behind the refrigerator. Tighten the connection if you notice a leak at the valve. If the hose is pinched or leaking, either cut away the damaged piece or replace the entire line.

refrigerator water line

Blocked Water Line

Another reason for water leaks in refrigerators is due to a blocked water line. Water will flow under the fridge if your water line becomes clogged. A blocked water line can potentially prohibit the ice machine from producing enough ice. You may also discover that the water dispenser is not working properly or at all.

First, shut off the refrigerator. The shut-off valve must then be turned on. These safety procedures will keep the fridge and you safe while you work on it. After that, inspect the water line for any damage. If the waterline is severely damaged, it must be replaced. 

If the waterline appears to be completely intact except for a blockage, ice has most likely formed in the line and created the blockage. In this scenario, simply leave the refrigerator unplugged for four hours to allow the ice to melt.

blockage in refrigerator can cause water leak

Blocked Defrost Drain

If you’re experiencing a water leak in your refrigerator, a blocked defrost drain could be to blame. This tube should be behind the freezer section, beneath the produce bin, or behind the unit. The drain hose might become clogged with food particles and other material. An obstruction will eventually cause melted condensation to leak on the floor.

Flush the drain hole inside the fridge with warm water. If the clog persists, use a pipe cleaner or coat hanger to force it through. Next, locate the defrost drain hose and use soap and water to clean the associated drain valve. If the drain/drain hose was the issue, once any clogs and dirt are removed, your fridge should stop leaking.

Loose Water Filter Connection 

Do you have a high-end modern refrigerator with a water filter? A faulty connection between the water filter and the refrigerator may cause water to leak onto the floor. The installation of the incorrect size filter could also be to blame.

Remove and reinsert the water filter. If there are still puddles on the floor, replace the filter. As filters age, they deteriorate and break. Be certain that you get the correct type of filter in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. If this is the case, the leakage should stop once you install the replacement filter.

water filter - water leak in refrigerator

High Humidity

Refrigerator leaks can occur in extremely humid climates.  As humidity in the air combines with the frigid temperatures of your refrigerator, condensation accumulates and quickly clogs the drain pan. When the pan overflows, there will be a puddle on the floor.

To avoid leaks, manually empty the drain pain on humid days. If high humidity is a regular occurrence in your kitchen, consider installing a dehumidifier.

high humidity can cause water leak in refrigerator

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many reason why you might be experiencing a water leak coming from your fridge. If that’s the case, there are ways to diagnose and solve the leak yourself. On the other hand, you have the option of leaving it to the professionals and call out a plumber to resolve the leak.

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