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Big List of Hottest 2021 Bathroom Trends (Kick-start Your Research!)

You’ve been in your house way too long since the pandemic began. Frankly, you’ve been staring at the walls, finding things you didn’t like about your house.

The biggest problem? Your aging bathroom design. You’re sick of it and it’s now time to put it behind you. To get started, you need a huge list of the 22 hottest 2021 bathroom trends to review and whittle down into a shortlist.

So, here’s your big list. Enjoy!

We’ve researched the hottest design trends this year and want to give you a big list of starter ideas. Look at each. We’re sure you’ll find at least several that you can do further research on. In the meantime, this will get you started.

Notice that many of today’s trends focus on creating a relaxed environment. Nothing too loud, glossy, or brash. Instead, we see a lot of natural or neutral colors, matte finishes, fewer grout lines, nature-inspired themes, and floating fixtures and design elements that open your space.

  1. Neutral and warm earth-based colors
  2. Soft or natural shades of green
  3. Bathrooms designed as home spas
  4. Floating vanities
  5. Large tiles on walls
  6. Nature-inspired walls (botanicals, jungle, forest, plants)
  7. Relaxing environments focused on nature
  8. Backlit mirrors and cabinets
  9. Soaking tubs
  10. Freestanding tubs
  11. Matte white fittings and trim
  12. Bathrooms that take advantage of technology
  13. Industrial sinks and vanities
  14. Marble counters and wall tiles
  15. Quartz counters with lighter, warmer finishes
  16. Wood accents
  17. Open showers
  18. Smart toilets and bidets
  19. Minimalist lighting designs
  20. Heated floors
  21. Alternatives to ceramic basins and sinks
  22. Japandi bathroom designs

Here are more resources that explain the above trends or provide related information you can use in your hottest bathroom trends research.

Final Thoughts

Knowing where to start in redesigning or upgrading your bathroom is difficult.

Sometimes, a simple long list of ideas is the best way to kick-start your research. You can now glance at a large list of the latest trends being incorporated into current bathroom remodeling upgrades.

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