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How Much Does Hydro Jetting Cost? (The Truth, No Run-Around!)

How much something costs is always important when making a buying decision. Let’s face it, everyone has a budget or top line they just can’t go past.

So it goes with plumbing and drain services, like hydro jetting a sewer line. Unfortunately, “How much does hydro jetting cost?” is a straight-forward question that too often gets a run-around answer.

Well, that won’t happen here. I’m going to answer the question as precisely as possible. I’m also going to tell you why the cost can vary greatly between any hydro jetting job.

How Much Does Hydro Jetting Cost?

You’re probably thinking, “this can’t be cheap.” Well, you’re right.  

There are several factors that go into the total cost of hydro jetting a home’s sewer line. But, on average, residential hydro jetting will cost $450 to $900. It’s important to note that the price can also go higher because there are so many factors involved.

Here’s an example. Hydro jetting an apartment complex is often more expensive than hydro jetting a home. Why? Because the length of an apartment building’s sewer lines are much longer.

Another example is inflation and location. It’s early 2022 as I write this and my readers know what inflation has been like lately. Everyone’s costs seem to be rising. This is happening in some parts of the country more than in others.

how much does hydro jetting cost - diagram of jetting out tree roots
The process of jetting is simple in concept. But an experienced drain specialist is needed to ensure the hydro jet is the correct solution for your clogging issue.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Hydro Jetting

The following are the most important factors that drive the cost of hydro jetting your home’s sewer line.

1. Severity of the Clog 

How severe your pipe line is clogged plays a huge role in the cost of the hydro jetting service. Time is the critical variable here. The longer it takes to clean out the line, the more you’ll have to pay. The less time it takes, the less you’ll pay.

If your drain pipes have severe clogs, think about putting your hydro jetting team on a preventative maintenance schedule. This will ensure that future cleanings take less time and less money. A severe clogging problem that’s difficult to resolve — like a nearby tree’s roots entering your sewer pipe — can be persistent.

how much does hydro jetting cost - camera view before and after tree roots
Before (on Left): Tree roots causing a severe sewer line clog and backup. After (on Right): Hydro jet in process of removing the tree root clog.

2. Access to the Clog

How accessible are your pipes? Your plumber will need to know this to determine how to get the job done efficiently. The more difficult it is to access the drain pipes, the more it will affect your cost.

If you have a home without a sewer cleanout (the access or entry point to your sewer line), we strongly recommend installing one. This will make any kind of sewer drain cleaning or repair much easier and less costly.

If your home does have a sewer cleanout, you can same your plumber time (and yourself some money) by locating it in advance. It’s often in basements, crawl spaces, or garages. A cleanout also is often found outside in your yard. Check near your curb, along your driveway and foundation, or in your landscaping. And look under bushes where it’s often hidden.

how much does hydro jetting cost - cleanout
This shows what a sewer cleanout might look like if it is located in the landscaping of your home.

3. Repair Costs (If Needed) 

This is when hydro jetting can get expensive. If you end up needing a full line repair or replacement, you can be looking at a cost of $2,000 to $15,000.

Of course, this is only the case if there is really no other way to fix the problem. The cost will for sewer line excavation, repair, and replacement depends on how deep the line is and how much pipe you need to replace.

This is why scheduling a preventative maintenance program (with hydro jetting) can be crucial to your pipes and your pocketbook: it eliminates= ever having to worry about completely replacing or repairing your main line.

how much does hydro jetting cost - sewer replacement
This shows what a sewer cleanout might look like if it is located in the landscaping of your home.

Do the Costs Outweigh the Benefits?

Sure, hydro jetting is expensive. But it’s also the most beneficial solution to an ongoing or difficult sewer drain clog. And it can save you tens of thousands of dollars in sewer water damage to your property and home.

It is certainly worth looking into if you need an effective, long-lasting fix to your sewer drain problem. A preventative-maintenance schedule can really help with, and keep away, persistent and expensive clogging problems.

Final Thoughts

I hope we’ve clearly answered, “how much does hydro jetting cost?” Generally, the cost should be between $450 and $900. But the price can go higher depending on what your drain specialist finds in the process.

Make sure that your plumber communicates all possible solutions, outcomes and costs before he or she begins any work. That way, you’ll know their cost plus any other expenses that might occur if certain situations are present (such as a collapsed pipe that requires excavation and replacement).

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