Frequently Asked Hydro Jetting Questions

Have you ever heard of a hydro jetter? Simply stated, it is one of the best ways to clear stubborn clogs as well as provide preventative drain cleaning that keeps clogs from occurring in the first place.

Here are a few questions our residential customers have about hydro-jetting and how it works:

What is a hydro jet?

Imagine a pressure washer and a drain snake had a baby, cute right? A hydro jetter is a specialized high pressure drain cleaning tool that moves through your pipes to breakaway buildup and flush away residue. Our plumber’s use the jetter whenever we need to gently clear a clog or whenever we need to pressure wash the inside of a pipe.

What is hydro jet drain cleaning?

Hydro jetting is a method professional plumbing contractors use to clean clogged or slow sewage lines. It utilizes high pressure water to remove blockages and build up. Hydro jetting systems normally run at around 2-4 thousand psi, which is strong enough to cut through tree roots up to a quarter-inch in diameter.

What is the difference between hydro jetting and drain snaking?

A drain snake (also called an auger) is a long, steel cable with interchangeable heads at one end. When an auger is inserted into the sewer line, the head at the end pierces the obstructions it encounters and clears a path through the pipe. Snaking is great for clearing basic clogs and increasing drain speed, but it does not clean the drain/pipe entirely.

A hydro jet, on the other hand, doesn’t just break up clogs, it cleans your plumbing lines of material that builds up on pipe walls, such as minerals and grease. 1-Tom-Plumber will provide a before, if possible, and after camera inspection. When you see the difference, it is incredible. 

If there is a root issue in a line, an auger will cut a whole through them. This can be a great inexpensive short term solution. Unfortunately, this only cuts a hole through the roots and if there are still more roots in the line, they will start to grow back immediately.

Hydro jetting pressure washes the pipe from the inside. In most cases, it will take the roots between 3 and 7 years before they start to grow back. 

Both the auger and the jetter are drain cleaning tools, but the jetter tends to be more effective but, more expensive tool. 

Can hydro jetting damage pipes?

Although the hydro jetter is extremely powerful, it is actually much more gentle than an auger. If you’re looking to increase the lifespan of your pipes by cleaning your drains completely then the hydro jetter is your best bet. However, if your pipe is already on its last leg, both the drain snake and the jetter will damage your pipes further. In that case, the line would need to be replaced as opposed to cleared or cleaned.

Watch our plumbers Ryan “Tom” Boyce and Joe “Tom” Hull as they clear one of our lovely customer’s clogged sewer pipe with the hydro jett!

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