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Ask A Plumber: What Is a Rooter Service?

Rootering ( also called a rooter service) describes the removal of tree roots from pipes and sewer lines with a rooter machine. Invasive tree roots are a serious threat to the health of your plumbing lines. As a result, clogs and blockages from roots cause pressure, eventually cracking or even breaking your main sewer line.

A rooter machine cuts through the blockage and clears the sewer line to prevent a much larger issue. The term originated from clogged drains due to tree roots – hence the name ROOTer service. Now it is used to address all kinds of stubborn sewer line and drainpipe clogs that affect the function of your plumbing.

How Does A Rooter Service Work?

Tree roots find their way into nutrient-rich sewer pipes through small cracks and holes. Most of the time, roots won’t damage your pipes, but homes with a history of root invasion will need a good rootering around once a year.

To first determine that there are roots in your sewer, call a professional plumber to inspect the sewer line using a camera probe. A camera inspection will transmit a signal to a video screen so you and the technician will be able to see into your pipes. Doing this now will save you hundreds of dollars as opposed to waiting until you experience signs of an actual break-in your line.

The rooter service involves the insertion of sharp, powerful blades that cut through obstructive tree roots, clearing the blockage. The technician uses a long snake-like tool with the before-mentioned blade at the end into your pipe. They will also run water through the lines to ensure they cut through the blockage. For more mature, stronger roots, a hydro-jetting service may be required.

Rooter Machine
A rooter machine, also known as a drain snake or an auger.

Why Is a Rooter Service Important?

Without proper maintenance, a clogged drain due to roots can begin to affect your whole house. A rooter service is the best way to combat the multiple commonplace problems of slow and clogged drains that you may experience in your home. 

  • A clog inside one of your home’s drains will only affect the appliance or fixture nearest its location. These clogs are generally made up of debris such as food scraps, hair, and soap scum.
  • A larger clog blocking your home’s sewer line may show different symptoms e.g. widespread drainage issues in several areas of your home or minor backups in tubs and showers when a toilet is flushed or your washing machine runs.
  • Sewer clogs can also be due to debris build up, non-flushable items in the pipes, or they may be caused by tree roots growing into your sewer line that cannot be removed without the help of your professional rooter service.

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