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The Cost of Ignoring Plumbing Problems 

Ignoring plumbing problems may seem like a minor issue but it is not. Plumbing issues that seem small can turn into a huge, and expensive headache.  When you take care of plumbing issues as they pop up, or get regular maintenance, your small issue may not become a huge problem! 

Leaking Faucets and Pipes

pipe leaking

A tiny leak may not seem like it is wasting a ton of water. It’s just dripping a little bit, right? You may think that, but the EPA estimates that a leaky faucet can waste up to 3,000 gallons of water a year. Which means those small leaks can mean a huge uptick in your water bill.  A leaking pipe can waste up to 1,00 gallons of water a day.  

outdoor faucet leaking

It is important to regularly look for signs of leaking in pipes. They can appear as wet spots on your ceiling. You can also turn the water off in your home and check to see if your meter has stopped. If your meter stops, that means there shouldn’t be any leaks.    

Water Damage

mold damage

All that leaking water has to go somewhere, and water likes to take the path of least resistance. Which means water is going to pool, in gaps in the wall, foundation of your home and floorboard. It can also rust any metal material that can be in your walls. All these water issues can lead to mold, rotten wood, or weakening support beams. 

water damage

Things like mold can lead to major health issues. Mold can release spores that can get into your lungs and cause a whole host of health issues. 

wet spot on ceiling

Water damage repair can get very expensive in general and even more if it causes structural damage. So, spending a couple hundred dollars now versus a few thousand in the future may be the right choice. 

Final Thoughts 

A lot of the plumbing in your home is not usually visible, therefore it is extremely important to check for issues regularly. As we’ve already discussed, go around your home and look for any signs of pipes leaking. You should also be making sure your home is free of clogs, leaky sinks and running toilets that can cause bigger issues. 

These minor annoyances can turn into huge headaches later on if not fixed in a timely manner. They will likely be more expensive to fix the longer you wait as more pipe can be broken or water damage can occur. 

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