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Need A New Garbage Disposal? (Consider This First!)

It might be time to find a new garbage disposal if your current one is no longer performing up to your standards. I’m going to show you the signs of a disposal on its last legs. I’ll also help you find a new garbage disposal that’s right for your situation.

Signs You Need a New Garbage Disposal

There are plenty of signs that could be a green flag to have a new garbage disposal installed. Let’s go over these warning signs. Here are the most glaring:

  • It frequently gets clogged 
  • You too often have to reset it
  • Bad odors aren’t able to be eliminated
  • Blades are no longer chopping effectively 
  • You have an unfixable leak

If you are having these issues with your garbage disposal, it’s probably time to determine which one you are going to replace it with. 

If your garbage disposal no longer chops food effectively, it is probably time to buy and install a new one. Read on to find out how to pick the right garbage disposal.

What Garbage Disposal Is Best For You?

When choosing a garbage disposal, you have two options to choose from.

  • Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal. A continuous feed disposal is the most commonly used and has an open mouth that is operated by a switch.
  • Batch Feed Garbage Disposal. A batch feed disposal requires you to place your food waste into the chamber and close the stopper lid to activate the food grinder inside. 

Knowing which to choose comes down to the convenience of one or the other. A continuous feed disposal turned on and off by a switch is regarded as the most convenient. However, if you’re constantly dropping silverware or other non-food items into your disposal, then consider a new batch feed garbage disposal.

new garbage disposal - batch feed vs continuous feed
Although they perform the same function, a batch feed waste disposal unit forces you to close the lid for it to work. While a bit inconvenient, it will prevent you from accidentally grinding silverware and other materials that shouldn’t be placed into it.

How to Pick a New Garbage Disposal

When it comes to picking a new garbage disposal, you should really consider how important some of these factors are to you.

1. Find the Right Motor Size

The smaller the motor size, the fewer and softer the foods need to be for effective disposal. If you use your garbage disposal regularly, it is best that you go with a 3/4 or 1 horsepower (HP) motor. These will will provide smoother operation and less jams because of the amount of food waste being put down your sink drain. If you live alone or don’t put much down your drain, buy one with less power, like a 1/2 HP. 

new garbage disposal - three quarter horsepower
If you need power but have less space under your sink, you might want to try this new garbage disposal with a smaller footprint.

2. Identify the Best Grinding Chamber Size & Material

Chambers in disposals with more HP will be larger because they are able to handle more food. Stainless steel chambers and blades also provide you with the most benefits because they last longer, provide efficiency, and are the easiest to clean. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about rust.

new garbage disposal stainless steel chamber
Stainless steel chambers offer many benefits, such as never corroding.

3. Extra Features

Last but not least, extra features on garbage disposals are a real thing. One nice extra is a feature that controls the noise emitted by the disposal’s motor. We all know how load they can be. To keep noise down, look for a unit with better-insulated grinding chambers.

Two other “extras” you might find helpful are anti-splash baffles (to keep your sink cleaner) and corrosion protection shields (to prevent rust). 

new garbage disposal splash guard sink baffle
A quality sink baffle (or garbage disposal splash guard) is a must. Find one that is anti-microbial for extra health protection. Some even reduce noise emitted by the disposal.

Final Thoughts

Making sure you are picking the right garbage disposal for your home is important. Choosing the right one can ensure you that you are not going to run into future issues in your home. If you are seeing signs that your disposal is not running properly, it is probably time to look for a new one with the right features for your home. 

Watch our video on how to replace and install a new garbage disposal! You can also watch it (and lots of other helpful plumbing videos) on our YouTube page here.

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