Stain on popcorn ceiling. Popcorn ceiling water damage

Water Damage on A Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn ceiling water damage isn’t just bad to look at, but it’s also a sign that something else it wrong. If you have stains on your ceiling, whether it’s a popcorn ceiling or not, it’s most likely from water. This can be an indicator of something wrong with your plumbing, and needs to be fixed before it gets worse.

Water damage on popcorn ceiling
Water damage on popcorn ceiling

Dry the Ceiling

Make sure the ceiling is dry. If it’s still wet, the stain will keep coming back or get worse. There could be an underlying cause that needs to be fixed. This could be caused by a leak in your plumbing or an open space that allows water to flow in. Fixing this is important to prevent any more stains. If this isn’t fixed, it could lead to water damage that can’t be fixed as easily as a stain. After you’ve confirmed there are no underlying issues, dry the ceiling with an absorbent cloth. Make sure there is no water left over to prevent stains from resurfacing. 

Use Bleach

Once the ceiling is completely dry, spray the area with bleach and leave it until it’s completely dry. If the area lightens, repeat this process again. It’s important to note that this is only an option if the stained area is small. If the area is large or the stain has gone further than the popcorn ceiling, it will need to be repaired. 

spray bleach
Spray bleach

Paint the Ceiling

If this doesn’t help, there are other options. It’s possible to just paint over the stain, but it’s not the most efficient solution. If you chose to go this route, make sure the cause of the stain was fixed before you paint over it. Confirm that the area is completely dry, then clean it to remove any dirt or dust. Next, apply a coat of primer and allow it to dry. After it’s dry, apply a coat of ceiling paint to the area. This might take multiple layers. Be sure to allow the paint time to dry before applying the next layer. 

Repair the Ceiling

If you don’t want to paint over the area, you can repair the ceiling.

  1. Use a tarp or cloth to cover any furniture in the area. Repairing the popcorn ceiling is a very messy process, so it will save time to cover any furniture before beginning the process. 
  2. Spray the affected area with warm water and let that sit for 5 minutes. Make sure you spray enough water to leave the ceiling damp.
  3. Use something similar to a putty knife to scrape away at any stained, loose, or damaged ceiling. We recommend holding something under where you are scraping to help with the mess. 
  4. The next few steps will require you to wear a dust mask and goggles to protect yourself from any dirt or dust that you could inhale. You can still get the job done without it, but we highly recommend wearing them for your protection.
  5. Spray primer onto the surface on the ceiling. 
  6. Use a textured ceiling spray and spray hat over the primer once it’s dry. This should leave the ceiling looking brand new and just as good as before it was stained. If the color isn’t quite right, you may need to paint over it with a matching color.
Texture spray for ceiling
Texture spray for ceiling

What Next?

While your ceiling may look better, that doesn’t mean it will stay that way. Preventing water from getting to your ceiling will keep it looking new. As mentioned previously, it’s very important to fix the problem that caused the stain or water damage in the first place. These stains are a good sign that something is going on with your plumbing and you need to fix it before you encounter bad water damage.

Final Thoughts

If you have a popcorn ceiling that has water damage, there are many ways to fix it. If you choose to fix it yourself, we’ve got you covered. There’s always a possibility that the damage is worse than you originally thought, and you’ll need to call for professional help. Either way, we’ll be by your side every step of the way!

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