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Smart Toilet Benefits, And Why You Need One!

Smart toilets are very common around the globe and have many benefits , but are taking a while to make way in the US. You may be wondering what exactly a smart toilet is. Most likely you own other smart technology in your home. The smart toilets work in a similar way as your other smart devices. They have advanced features that allow you to feel more comfortable and clean while you’re on the toilet. 

smart toilet

Advanced Features

Seat Warmers

Don’t you think a heated seat would make sitting on the toilet a better experience? Smart toilets allow you to adjust the settings to cater to how warm you want your seat to be.\

Automatic Lid

It’s always nice to have touch free options. The seat will automatically shut or open to eliminate the need to use your hands.


Hate getting up in the dark to use the bathroom? Nightlights are a very handy benefit on smart toilets that allow for some light when you have to use the toilet in the dark. These come attached to some smart toilets to allow you the extra light you may need late at night or early in the morning.

Spray Adjustment

The spraying function may just be the most useful feature yet. If you have a bidet attached to your smart toilet, most of them do, this allows you to adjust the settings of the sprayer. Sprayers are an amazing feature that has so many benefits. They allow you to use a lot less toilet paper, and to feel cleaner than with just using toilet paper.

Spray adjustment

Self Cleaning

Many smart toilets have the ability to self clean. Most of them will clean themselves automatically after each use. This is extremely convenient. Wouldn’t you prefer not having to clean your toilets as often?

Bluetooth Capabilities

It’s also possible to set up your smart toilet with your phone or computer. If the toilet has bluetooth capabilities, you can use it to adjust settings from your phone, play music, and even link it with a smart speaker.

Benefits of a smart toilet


The no touch features of the toilet make it more hygienic. We all know how dirty toilets can be, and having to lift or close the seat every time you use it can be really unsanitary. It is also more hygienic due to its self cleaning capabilities.

Environmentally Friendly

Smart toilets use less water compared to normal toilets, even though they have a sprayer. They are able to tell how much water is needed for each flush, and don’t use any more water than they need to do so.

smart toilet benefits

Better For Your Plumbing

Because of the spraying capabilities, smart toilets eliminate the amount of toilet paper people use when they use the toilet. Toilet paper is often a big cause of clogs in your plumbing. Eliminating the amount of toilet paper used will prevent these clogs from happening as often, and maybe eliminate them completely.


The smart toilet allows you to warm up the seat to feel more comfortable while using the toilet. It also allows you to feel more comfortable with how clean you are after using the spray feature. This is the best way to know you’re actually clean.

Final Thoughts

Smart toilets are the way of the future, and we can see why! They have so many benefits and advantages. They’re not in every household in the US, but they are becoming more popular and are expected to become more common as time goes on. Consider buying a smart toilet for the benefit of the environment and your plumbing. 

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