Signs of a Sewer Line Issue 

Sewer line issues can be hard to spot early on. You don’t really get the chance to catch it before it becomes a severe problem. Although, there are several signs that could let you know that you possibly have a sewer line issue at hand. 

Let’s go over these signs so you know what to look for. More so, what you should do next once you see them. 

Do you hear gurgling noises coming from your toilet? 

This could be a sign that you have an issue with your sewer line. Either some type of material that is clogged in your sewer line or you have something blocking your sewer line; for example, tree roots. 

Most drains in your home frequently clog, and you have no idea why. 

clogged kitchen sink - grease buildup creates clog

This could also be a result of a sewer line issue. Let’s say you can’t find the reason why. It just seems that your sink, toilet, or bathtub drains are clogging a lot. This is because you have a clog or some type of blockage in your main sewer line. 

This is definitely a bigger issue at hand. In addition, all of your drains are connected to the main sewer line. This is why a clog in your sewer line can cause other drains in your home to seem as if they are clogged. In reality, they’re really not.

Your water bill has gone up and you have no idea what caused that. 

This could be a sign of a water leak in your sewer line or even a broken sewer pipe. If you see a huge difference in your water bill, have your line checked out by a plumber. 

Are other drains or toilets in your home draining slower than they usually do? 

This might be that you have a bigger problem at hand inside your sewer system. This is usually the case though, for multiple drains or toilets in your home. If you find that this problem is occurring for you in all areas of your home, your sewer line might be to blame. 

Is your toilet backing up more often than usual?

Your toilet backing up without cause is a sure sign that there is a clog or blockage within your sewer line. This could also mean that there is a problem with the valve that is supposed to keep the sewer water out of your home. 

You find that specific areas of grass in your yard are greener than other areas. 

This happens because water leaks from your sewer line is great fertilizer for your grass. However, a sewer line break or leak is much more unconventional than fertilizer for your yard. If you notice this sign and also other signs like the ones provided above, you very well could have an issue with your line. 

Do you smell bad odors coming from your yard or your basement?

This could be because of a ruptured sewer line or a really bad leak in your line. This is one of the worst case scenarios and you will need to call a plumber to come take care of this issue right away. Make sure to keep the rest of your family away from the area as well as your pets.

I am noticing some of these signs in my home…what is the next step?

The next time is to call a plumber. A plumber will be able to run a camera inspection inside of your sewer line. They can tell you what they see that is causing the problem. This is why running a camera through any pipe is so important. It allows the plumber to be able to recognize the issue at hand and fix it accordingly.

It is common to use something called a hydro jet to completely free the line from any type of clog that was in there. If the sewer line is leaking or broke, this might need complete repair and replacement which is another process aside from hydro jetting.

This video shows you how a camera inspection works and also the process of hydro jetting a sewer line to clear any clogs or blockages.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, if you notice any of these issues in your home, it is best you call a plumber to come check it out. If some of these signs stay persistent in your home, you very well could have an issue at hand.

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