Should You Flush Your Fish Down the Toilet?

A fish is a common pet for many households. Unfortunately, fish don’t live forever. So what should you do with them? The short answer to this question is that you should not be flushing your fish down the toilet.

But why? Let’s dive in and go over the risks of flushing your fish down the toilet. 

We think this may come from a common misconception from a popular movie that when you flush fish, they are flushed into the ocean. Well, that’s unfortunately not the case.

Why Shouldn’t I Flush Fish Down the Toilet?

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t do that. 

The first reason why is because our sewer system is designed only for toilet paper and human waste. Anything else, whether you believe it or not, will eventually cause you problems. This may be within your home’s plumbing system or your main line and can be a severe problem if it’s not taken care of.

Secondly, flushing a fish is simply unsanitary. Especially if it’s dead, it could be carrying a number of different diseases or parasites that you’re now putting into our sewer system. You’re then allowing that bacteria from the fish to linger in your pipes. Not only that, but there is even a chance that the fish will become stuck in your drain. 

You might be wondering, “How would that happen?” Well, because our drain systems are only designed to handle waste and toilet paper other objects like fish can be the root cause of a system backup. You have to be careful to not flush any other objects down your toilet!

What Should I Do With My Fish If I Can’t Flush It?

We know it probably seems like flushing your fish is the easy way out. Don’t do it!

Let’s go over some options. 

Grab a plastic bag and bury it in your backyard. Or simply dispose of it in the garbage. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure to keep it away from your toilet. It does more harm than good and could potentially create a huge headache for you that you will not want to deal with.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, you should not be flushing your fish down the toilet. Your drain system isn’t meant to process anything else besides waste and toilet paper. If you’re actively flushing other unwanted material down your toilet, it can cause major issues including backups and clogs. 

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