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When is Sewer Line Replacement the Right Option?

If you’re having issues with your plumbing, sewer line replacement may be your best option. It’s always a good idea to look at all your options before making a big decision, especially when it comes to your plumbing. Sewer line replacement through excavation is one of the last options to consider but sometimes it’s necessary. 

Sewer line replacement

Reasons For A Sewer Line Replacement

  • Old pipes
  • Poor soil conditions
  • Tree root invasion
  • Blockages

Signs A Sewer Line Replacement Is Necessary


A sinkhole is a hole in the ground with no natural external surface drainage. Sinkholes typically form slowly and are therefore not noticeable right away. Damage can cause water to leak into the yard, causing the slow progression of sinkholes. This is a sure sign that something is wrong with your sewer line. For the majority of situations, if you have sinkholes in your yard you probably need a sewer line replacement.

Slow Drains

If your water flow is slower than usual, there is probably an underlying problem. Often it’s a simple drain cleaning fix you could even do on your own, but there could potentially be bigger issues involving your pipes. There could be something blocking your pipes that wouldn’t be possible to clean or remove from above the surface. If the problem is big enough, simple solutions such as drain snaking and hydro jetting won’t be an option. 

Fast Tree Growth

Are one of your trees growing a lot faster than the others? This may be because it’s obtaining a greater amount of moisture. It’s possible that this moisture is coming from your sewer lines underground. Tree roots can cause a surprising amount of damage to your pipes.

tree root that broke through a clay pipe. Taken on 1-Tom-Plumber job site
Tree root that broke through a clay pipe

Bad Odors

Unusual odors are always a good way to tell if something is wrong with your plumbing. In many cases, these bad odors can be coming from a blockage somewhere in your pipes. While this isn’t always a major issue, it’s possible you need a sewer line replacement. Bad odors are simply a sign something needs to be done with your plumbing. Sometimes the solution is as simple as using a good drain cleaner. Drain snaking and hydro jetting are also good options. If none of these fix the odor, there might be a bigger issue that could lead to excavation.

Blocked pipes

There can be many reasons for blockages, flushing things you shouldn’t, tree roots, and broken pipes. If all the options have been exhausted and still no luck, sewer line replacement is probably the answer. For many blockages and clogs, it’s possible to fix the problem with a drain snake or a hydro jet. If the blockage has gotten bad enough to cause damage to your pipes, sewer line replacement could be necessary. 

Other Options To Consider

As mentioned previously, issues such as blockages, bad odors, and slow drains could potentially be fixed with a simpler solution. The two most common fixes for these problems are drain snaking and hydro jetting.

Drain Snaking

Drain snakes are one of the most common solutions to plumbing problems. For minor blockages they can be the perfect solution. Snaking is an easy and simple fix for the majority of issues. While it has many perks, there are also some downfalls. With drain snaking there will often be left over waste in the pipe. This is why hydro jetting can be a better option for many situations. 

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a great way to clear your pipes free from blockages and clogs. The pressurized water is strong enough to fully clean pipes efficiently. Unfortunately if pipes become damaged it will no longer be safe to hydro jet. If neither of these options are possible, sewer line replacement through excavation is most likely the best option.

Final Thoughts

Is sewer line replacement the right option for you? There are many different ways to fix plumbing issues, but it can be difficult to get to the bottom of it. Be sure to look out for signs that something is wrong with your plumbing. You never know how big of an issue you could be dealing with. If in doubt, leave the decision up to the professionals! 

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