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How To Remove (And Install) a Wall-Mounted Sink In 2 Steps!

Learning how to remove a wall-mounted sink is super easy. In fact, removing and installing one can be done in just 2 steps!

What is a Wall-Mounted Sink?

A wall-mounted sink is like any other sink, except that its weight is supported by a bracket attached to a wall rather than pedestals (or legs) holding it up from below.

This gives the sink (whether in a small kitchen or bathroom) the appearance of floating in mid-air. While these sinks used to be considered old-fashioned or out of date (often associated with public bathrooms), this style of sink is trending upward in fashionable homes.

The Pros & Cons of a Wall-Mounted Sink

Wall-mounted sinks have usually purchased by those who have less to spend or who want the functionality of a sink without the look of a cabinet. But as stated above, they’re becoming more expensive as modern designs come into the market.

These sinks are a great solution for wheelchair-bound disabled people and seniors. The open space allows them to access the sink more easily.

The only downside is the lack of storage. But this can be easily remedied in other ways. See our list of “Related Resources” below.

how to remove a wall mounted sink - wheelchair accessible
Wall-mounted sinks allow wheelchair accessibility for the disabled. In addition to its clean, modern look, this type of sink is a tremendous benefit for seniors or the disabled.


These instructions are easy to follow for anyone who is ready to replace their old wall-mounted sink with a new one:

1. How to Remove a Wall-Mounted Sink

  • Turn off the water supply at the shutoff valves below the sink (or at the main shutoff valve that controls the flow of water into the entire home).
  • Open the faucets to drain the lines of any remaining water.
  • If you have tuend off the main water supply, open the bathrub faucets as well.
  • Remove the P-trap underneath the sink and use a basin wrench to loosen the coupling nuts which connect the supply tubes to the faucet.
  • Unscrew any bolts holding the sink in place.
  • Lift the sink up and off the wall bracket.
  • If you inted to reuse the faucest and drain assembly, remove them after setting the sink on a rug or pad of newspapers.
how to remove a wall mounted sink - remove p-trap
One of the first steps in removing a wall-mounted sink is to disconnect the P-trap and the other plumbing parts between the wall and the sink.

2. How to Install a Wall-Mounted Sink

  • Buy a replacement sink that fits onto the existing wall bracket (otherwise, you’ll need to remove and replace the wall bracket with a new one that comes with the new sink).
  • FYI: Some wall-mount sinks use two brackets.
  • Install the drain body, then attach the faucet set and pop-up lift mechanism.
  • Set the sink onto the wall bracket.
  • OPTIONAL: If you want more support, feel free to attach adjustable legs under front of the sink (you can purchase these separately at a hardware store). To do this, place a level on the sink rim, adjust the legs until the sink is square (level), and tighten the legs.
  • Apply caulk along the joint between the sink and wall.
  • Reconnect the supply tubes and the P-trap.
how to remove a wall mounted sink - legs added for support
If you want more support, you can add legs to the front of your wall-mounted sink. The legs you can find today are from simple chrome-plated models to those with modern designs and materials like the model shown here.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, learning how to remove a wall-mounted sink (and install a new one) is easy even for beginners. So, it’s a great DIY plumbing project that can increase the space and functionality of your bathroom or kitchen.

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