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Plumbing Emergency Kit: Must-Haves for Homeowners/Property Managers

If you live in a home or apartment, having a plumbing emergency kit on hand can be a huge help when things get messy. But what are the must-have tools to combat a burst pipe, a toilet clog, or a faulty faucet? Read on to learn how to prepare a fully-stocked plumbing emergency kit!

12-inch Channel Locks

In almost any plumbing emergency that involves a leaking or burst pipe, the first and best thing to do is locate your shutoff valve and turn off your water. Depending on the house or building, you may have an indoor or an outdoor water shut-off. Most inside water shut-off valves are simple to turn, but outdoor valves can be tricky. Keeping a pair of 12-inch channel locks in your home or toolbox can be a major help when you need some extra grip.

Five Gallon Bucket

No one wants to deal with the pain and cost of water damage and mold in their home. Having a large bucket on hand for active leaks or a loose garbage disposal will make for a quick clean up.

Silicon Repair Tape

While Silicon Repair Tape isn’t a fix-all by any means, it can help tremendously in case of emergency. If you have pipe or drain leak that needs attention immediately, simply wrap this caulk-like material around the leak. Silicon Repair Tape will fuse around the pipe. This’ll work as a temporary solution until you can get a plumber out to repair the issue.


I’m sure we don’t need to explain this one, but every bathroom in your home should have a plunger!

Allen Keys

Also known as an Allen wrench or hex key, Allen keys are simple, compact and perfect for loosening faucet screws or tightening toilet bolts into the ground.


Because who wants an icky mess on their hands? Even plumbers keep a pair of gloves handy for plumbing situations not recommended for the faint of heart (or nose).


A flashlight can help you search for that ring you accidentally dropped down the sink. Also perfect for looking down dark, damp basement drains and shower drains in order to locate a clog.

No one anticipates a plumbing disaster, but as a homeowner and/or property manager/landlord being prepared is the first step. Stock your toolbox or bag with these necessities and you’ll be less likely to need water damage restoration. In case of a major plumbing emergency, call 1-Tom-Plumber 24/7, 365 days a year! 1-866-758-6237

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