Kitchen Organization Hacks (The Best to Live By!)

There are a ton of kitchen organization hacks that would make your life easier at the end of the day. Who wouldn’t love that? I know I would! Some hacks are so clever and easy to implement into your kitchen and cabinet space. 

There are a lot of handy ideas that are easy to implement. On top of that, it will make your life so much easier! 

Use File Cubbies Underneath Your Sink

This would be a great way to organize the cleaning supplies that are underneath your sink! More so, being able to organize everything by product type will help you find what you need quickly, without having to look around for that one item that always seems to be hiding from you. This is a great kitchen organization hack that I have personally never thought of!

Just imagine - you use this organizer, but for all of your household cleaners that are everywhere under your kitchen sink right now... brilliant idea!
Just imagine – you use this organizer, but for all of your household cleaners that are everywhere under your kitchen sink right now… brilliant idea!

Hidden Message Center

Instead of sticking a bunch of notes or random pieces of paper on your refrigerator or counter space, still a small dry erase board and plastic bin on the inside of one of your cabinet doors. You can write your shopping list and your to-do list here without the hassle of always looking for paper and a pen. 

Plastic Bag Holder

This is so easy and such a handy kitchen organization hack! You can take an empty tissue box and stick it to the inside of one of your cabinet doors. Fill the tissue box with plastic bags and they are there to use at your convenience without taking up any extra space in your kitchen. 

Refrigerator/Freezer Stackable Storage Bins

These are really popular in today’s society and possibly once of the most known kitchen organization hacks. You know, the clear bins that you can get to organize basically anything in your fridge or freezer? I use them for soda cans because it allows me to get rid of the big cardboard boxes they come in. People also use this for eggs to get rid of the carton, snacks for the kids like fruit cups and applesauce, and more! The options are endless. 

Get a Cooking Caddy for Convenience 

This will help you keep the most commonly used condiments all in one place. It also helps free up counter space and make it easy to carry them around from counter or cabinet to dinner table all at once. This can be very convenient to use while you’re cooking. Just set it next to the stove! Any kind of caddy will work and can be found in any store in any shape, size, or color. 

Tension Rod Storage Rack 

For any type of cleaner that has a spray handle on it, this is going to be the most convenient thing you can do. By using a tension rod storage rack, you can hang those spray bottles onto the tension rack underneath your kitchen sink. This not only frees up more space at the bottom of the cabinet, but it also allows you to stay more organized. 

Kitchen Spice Storage

Spices can be a pain, especially when you have a lot, like me. I really don’t think any of us mean to collect spices like this, but somehow we wake up one day and have an entire cabinet dedicated to them. The most convenient way to organize spices is to purchase a spice rack. This way, you can conveniently see all the spices you have and everything is now organized on racks that take up minimal space.

A spice rack can come in many different shapes and sizes. Regardless, you will not regret having your spices organized.
A spice rack can come in many different shapes and sizes. Regardless, you will not regret having your spices organized.

Use Your Favorite Dishes as Decor

Sometimes if you really need more kitchen space, using your favorite dishes as decor can free up so much space inside your cabinets. Especially if you have cabinets that have an open space at the top of them, this could be a great idea for you if you are lacking space. 

Use Jars for Pantry Items

Using jars for your pantry items is a great kitchen organization hack. You stay more organized and free up space. You will be able to easily find what you are looking for without having to rummage through different items. 

glass jars for lentils - aesthetically pleasing in your pantry and great kitchen organization hack!
Using glass jars look so much better than the boxes they come in. The best part is you can use them forever!

Mobile Kitchen Storage/Organization Cart 

This kitchen organization hack is great if you have limited counter and cabinet space.This allows you to have more storage space for your kitchen essentials. The best part is it’s mobile, so you can wheel it around your kitchen and put it in spots that are most convenient for you.

Use A Decorative Basket for Fruit 

I think we have seen this at many of our family gatherings. Using a basket for your fruit is actually a great kitchen organization hack. When you don’t have any extra space in your fridge and don’t want to just lay it on your counter, using a basket is the way to go! It makes it convenient to just grab a snack and go, as well as bringing you an aesthetically pleasing decor piece on your countertop.

using a basket for fruit - a great kitchen organization hack

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, using these kitchen organization hacks will make you feel like your kitchen couldn’t get any more convenient! There are so many more kitchen organization hacks but these are some of the top. I will be using all of these hacks in my kitchen sooner than later!

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