Accessibility Upgrades in the Bathroom:

You can make accessibility in the bathroom be beautiful and safe for everyone to use. The bathroom can be a tricky place for those needing accessibility, as there are a lot of places to fall. The CDC has released research that says over 235,00 bathroom related injuries happen per year. A majority of those being seniors and those with disabilities. 

Shower Accessibility

accessibility in the bathroom with a curbless shower

A curbless shower can make it easier to get into for those with mobility issues as there is no step to get in. This can also reduce fall risk, as a lot of falls happen getting into and out of the shower. 

a removable shower head

At 1-Tom-Plumber we can install a removable shower head for you. This is an important item to have in your accessible bathroom. If you have a shower bench or chair, you won’t have to stand up to adjust the shower head. 

shower bench

A shower bench can be installed to add a permanent seat in the shower. Shower benches give you a place to rest, or sit through the whole shower. A shower bench can also hold more weight than a shower chair. 

Bathroom Sinks Accessibility

It is best to wrap the pipes if there is any exposed plumbing under the sink. This can prevent any injuries or protect rough spots from touching you. When using hot water it can also protect against the feeling of heat. If you have a freestanding sink, you may need this. A freestanding sink is great because those in a wheelchair can pull up closer to the sink. 

free standing sink 
pedestal sink

There are also lever operated faucets that make it easier for people with mobility impairment. Touchless faucets are starting to become more and more popular. 

Toilet Accessibility

Did you know that you can get toilets that are taller or shorter than the standard? A toilet’s heights that meet your needs can make it an easier experience. These are commonly in conjunction with grab bars. You can call us at 1-Tom-Plumber to install the new toilet!

accessible bathroom

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to think of when making your home more accessible and upgrading to more accessible plumbing might not be your first thought. However, it will make your home safer, more comfortable and you may be able to stay in your home longer.

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