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2020 Plumbing Trends – Environmentally Friendly & Luxury

If you’re thinking of making plumbing upgrades or just like reading about the latest plumbing trends, there are a lot of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something that makes your life a little easier or you want to make an environmental impact by making the globe healthier for future generations, the options are almost endless. 

However, as with most household things, there are plumbing trends out there now that will help you reduce your environmental footprint while improving your plumbing system’s performance. 

Here’s a rundown of the top plumbing trends:

Solar water heaters

Those big hot water tanks are a thing of the past when it comes to today’s technology. Many people have made the switch to much more energy efficient tankless water heaters, but there’s a new kind of trend out there, especially in southern states where the sun is always shining. Solar water heaters are trending like crazy, and it’s a much more cost efficient way to heat your water. 

Rain collection

Are you trying to grow your own fruits and vegetables? Struggle with keeping up on watering them or don’t like how much your water bill goes up to ensure their health? Rain collection is a new trend in plumbing that allows you to water your garden without a timed sprinkler system or standing out in the heat with a hose as you water your own garden. Rain collection is super simple, you can purchase or create rain barrels to capture the water your gutters reroute from your roof.

Recirculation pumps

A growing trend in plumbing today is recirculation pumps. Basically, they continuously move hot water throughout your home plumbing system so that you always have hot water right when you turn on the sink. It’s a way to reduce your water waste while getting instant hot water. It really is a win-win!

Smart showers

Many high-income areas have seen an increase in the demand for smart showers. Smart showers can give you a variety of elements including steam, lighting, and music, giving you a multi-sensory showering experience. These experiences are customizable with the tap of a finger and can change the way you get ready for work in the mornings or relax when you get home at night.

Smart toilets

Smart toilets are pricey, but really nice. Many of them are self-cleaning, air sanitizing, offer washing and drying functions, and even have heated seats and water. Additionally, many smart toilets also have automatic-raising and lowering lids, you know, for when the men of the house forget to put the lid back down. It may sound like it’s a little overboard, but once you get one you can’t go back. Personally, this is my favorite of all of these plumbing trends.

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